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Heated sample changer:
Xsample 610

  • The single sample changer for heavy duty applications
  • Heats up samples up to 95 °C (200 °F) for easy filling
  • Ideal for crude oil, waxes, and gels
  • Automated cleaning and drying enables minimal operator handling
  • Compatible with most commercially available syringes
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Xsample 610 is a heated single sample changer for the automated filling of highly viscous or even solid samples at room temperature. With its outstanding temperature range of up to 95 °C, the fastest measurement of crude oil, gels, and waxes is ensured in combination with density meters and viscometers from Anton Paar. Operators do not have to handle hot syringes to fill the sample into the measuring instrument. Automated cleaning and drying guarantee the best user experience.

Key features

The fastest measurement for challenging samples

The fastest measurement for challenging samples

  • The heating capability of Xsample 610 will tremendously increase the sample throughput of your laboratory by speeding up the filling and cleaning process.
  • Temperature can be crucial when compliance to standards is required. Xsample 610 not only assists in fulfilling these standards but also simplifies operation as the contact with substances is minimized.
  • Combining the robustness of Xsample 340 with the advanced heating technology of Xsample 630, Xsample 610 represents the most powerful heated single sample changer, even under harsh conditions.
The highest heating performance

The highest heating performance

  • Xsample 610 provides the highest temperature range on the market. With its temperature range of up to 95 °C, nearly every sample can be processed with the DMA M series and SVM series from Anton Paar.
  • Unmatched temperature stability enables you to analyze sensitive samples and samples with high melting points, e.g. waxes.
  • An optional heated waste hose ensures that your sample won’t freeze at any point in the system – from the start of the measurement until the sample reaches the waste container.
Unrivaled user experience

Unrivaled user experience

  • Xsample 610 allows you to use your own syringes; there is no need for additional equipment.
  • Samples can be directly filled out of the heated sample vessel and placed into the sample changer which ensures maximum ease of use.
  • Cleaning is performed automatically after the measurement. For the highest operating convenience, the user has no contact with the cleaning solvents as two bottles can be connected to the measuring system.

Technical specifications

Max. sample viscosity10,000 mPas at 95 °C
Max. temperature95 °C (203 °F)
Filling modeSyringe
Sample volumeApprox. 3 mL
Sample vials/packages5 mL, 10 mL
Sample recoveryNo
Dimensions LxWxH [mm (in)]480 x 230 x 420 (18.9 x 9.1 x 16.5)
excl. master instrument
Weight [kg (lbs)]19.2 (42.3) excl. master instrument
Master instrumentsDMA 4100/4500/5000 M, SVM X001

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  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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