Cosmetics - Determining the Yield Point and Viscosity of Hair Gel with the RheolabQC

The rheological characterisation of cosmetic products gives essential information about their processing properties and the customer's evaluation of the end product.

How the RheolabQC can help you in quality control as well as in research and development of your new cosmetic products

Continuous quality control is essential in order to achieve consistently high quality despite the often immense production volume in the cosmetic industry. The viscosity of a hair gel for example is a particularly important parameter, especially during production. Constantly checking the yield point and viscosity values guarantees a consistently high product quality. These values are also useful for product evaluation in the development department since modern hair gel must meet high requirements. Rheological properties, as for example the yield point, are essential for the customer's evaluation of the end product.

The Anton Paar Rotational Rheometer RheolabQC is the instrument of choice for applications in the cosmetic industry. For the characterization of hair gels we recommend to measure with a concentric cylinder measuring system CC27. The measurements accord to DIN EN ISO 3219 for absolute and traceable viscosity testing. For higher viscous and paste-like samples there are different stirrer geometries available as well.

The Anton Paar Rotational Rheometer RheolabQC

The RheolabQC is a unique rotational rheometer that combines latest technologies with easy handling. It features a high precision encoder and a highly dynamic EC motor.

  • You can choose between operating the rheometer stand-alone or software-controlled with RheoCompass™, a modern and highly intuitive rheometer software.
  • Preprogrammed standard templates allow to determine viscosity and yield point by the push of a button.
  • The RheolabQC can be operated with a huge variety of accessories. The automatic measuring system recognition Toolmaster™ ensures error-free selection of the measuring geometries.
  • Measurements with the concentric cylinder measuring systems accord to DIN EN ISO 3219 and DIN 53019.
  • Anton Paar offers a unique Pharma Qualification Package that fulfills all requirements of GMP, GAMP5, 21 CFR Part 11 and USP<1058>.

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Good to know

The RheolabQC measures the viscosity of hair gel at different shear rates. At low shear rates the viscosity at rest (i.e. in the tube) is simulated, at high shear rates the viscosity when applying the gel is tested.



The hair gel shows a shear thinning flow behavior. Its viscosity is higher at low shear rates than at high shear rates. This is a typical behavior for most cosmetic products that are used in daily life.


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Other relevant instruments

Anton Paar rheometers from the MCR series are also often used for measurements in the cosmetic industry.