Due to the modular concept, systems can be custom-tailored like e.g. here a combination of Alcolyzer, density meter, CO2 meter, PFD filling device and the HazeQC turbdidity meter.
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Turbidity Measuring Module:

  • Determination of turbidity in a variety of fluids
  • Compliance with acknowledged standards such as MEBAK and EBC
  • Modular solution to fit with Anton Paar’s measurement solutions
  • Active temperature control for highly precise results
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A solution for the measurement of turbidity in liquids, the HazeQC ME turbidity measuring module, is provided by Anton Paar as part of a modular measuring system. The approved ratio method with measurement at three angles (transmission 0°, scattered light at 25° and 90°) is used to prevent the influence of particle size on the turbidity value. The measurement is carried out at a wavelength of 650 nm ±30 nm (MEBAK- and EBC-compliant) in a cell with adjustable constant temperature. This turbidity measuring module expands Anton Paar's product portfolio and adds a further important parameter for analyzing liquid samples - providing the same high quality expected of Anton Paar products.

Key features

Accurate and traceable turbidity measurement

  • Three-angle turbidity measurement (transmission 0°, scattered light at 25° and 90°) at 650 nm according to MEBAK and EBC
  • Approved ratio method eliminates the influence of particle size on the turbidity value
  • Highly accurate Peltier-thermostatted cell

Combinations for up to 7 parameters possible

  • Up to 7 parameters in one measuring cycle if used in combination with PBA-B (density, alcohol, beer color, pH, CO2, O2, turbidity)
  • Combination with all Generation M systems, with Alcolyzer Plus Beer, with Alcolyzer Plus Spirits or with the Beer Analyzing System (Alcolyzer Plus Beer, density meter, sample changer)
  • All measurements directly out of the bottle or can, no degassing required if using a PFD Filling Device

Technical specifications

Measuring range
Turbidity0 EBC to 100 EBC (0 NTU to 400 NTU)
Temperature-5 °C to 40 °C (temperatures below 15 °C require an external cooling)
Repeatability s.d.
Turbidity0.02 EBC (0.08 NTU)
Temperature0.01 °C
Additional information
Measurement principleThree-angle stray light and absorbance measurement (0°, 25° and 90°), ratio method for the reduction of interferences
Wavelength650 nm
Minimum sample volumeapprox. 3 mL
Measuring time per sample3 to 4 minutes (incl. filling)
Interfaces2 x CAN
Wetted partsEPDM, FEP, glass, PEEK, PTFE, PU, stainless steel, Tygon
(L x W x H)
380 mm x 160 mm x 190 mm (15 in x 6.3 in x 7.5 in)
Weight5.3 kg (11,7 lbs)
External thermostat (optional)Flow rate: 0.4 L/min to 0.7 L/min
Maximum pressure: 0.5 bar (7.3 psi)
Temperature of the cooling medium: 15 °C to 25 °C (59 °F to 77 °F)


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Beer-10: Color


MA-AS2-08 Wine turbidity (Resolution Oeno 4/2000)

Pharmacopoeia Europe (Ph. Eur.)

2.2.1 - Turbidity

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