Customer success stories

Density and concentration are parameters which are required in many different situations. As the leading supplier with over 50 years of experience on the market, Anton Paar has close contacts with companies and research institutes all over the world. Here you can discover the individual success stories behind our products and read how high-quality density measurement made a difference for these people’s work.

We chose the Anton Paar device because this one is really user-friendly and provides excellent traceability.

Franҫois Fabre, laboratory technician at Bayer France (Villefrance/Limas, France)

  • Digital density measurement redefined

    A lot has happened in the world of digital density measurement in the last few years. Since 2018, Anton Paar has launched a revolutionary new measuring principle, the Pulsed Excitation Method, and registered a number of patents.

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We do everything here at the plant. Used oil is rerefined to make base oil and the base oil is then mixed with the appropriate additives to become engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, and industrial lubricants.

- Dr. Jan Otto, Avista Oil, Dollbergen, Germany

Now we have the device connected to LIMS we’ve seen a tremendous increase in efficiency and the reports are all documented and traceable.

- Mikko Hofsommer, CEO of GfL, Berlin, Germany

We use oscillating U-tubes from Anton Paar for the measurement of the alcohol content. That’s immensely important in our area. It ensures that the labeling is right, the declaration – because we must be in compliance with the law.

- Lars Baethcke, master distiller at Birkenhof distillery, Nistertal, Germany

Anton Paar is part of the reason for our quality strategy since we need the instruments for determining the alcohol content because it is necessary to observe very tight tolerances in the spirits sector.

- Dr. Werner Krauss, Distillery Krauss, Schwanberg, Austria

DMA 35 […] Anyone who has more than two, five, or ten tanks and has to use the spindles will appreciate such an instrument. You’ll be a lot faster with that, of course.

- Christoph Lippert-Pagany, master distiller at Camba Bavaria, Seeon, Germany

First as an extreme spindle user I was thrilled with the simplicity and small sample size needed to get a precise reading [with EasyDens].

- Oliver Weiss, GQM mbH, Landshut, Germany

We need to measure the exact density of silicone oil pastes consisting of hollow microspheres at a higher temperature (60 °C) to mimic our process dynamics. The DMA 1001 density meter does this reliably and efficiently, helping us to optimize and stabilize our production process.

- Stefan Moser, Project Manager Engineering, Amoena Medical and Orthopedic Technology (Raubling, Germany)

The Anton Paar density meter is one of the most popular instruments at the university. Fast measurement, high accuracy, and small sample volume needed – these features make teaching work easy and efficient. For our research work, we appreciate the option of doing a temperature scan.

- Yuxi Wang, Advanced Experimenter at the University of Science and Technology of China

Measuring devices are best when they just run and run.

- Canadian distillery Hiram Walker

We wanted to keep the quality of our beverages high so we went for high-quality instruments for measurement.

- Vijet Nayak, Quality Control Executive at Blue Ocean Beverages (Goa, India)

We wouldn’t be half as good as we are now if we didn’t have Anton Paar.

- Chris Sartori, brewing process manager at Stone Brewing (Richmond, Virginia)

We compared Anton Paar’s [pharma] qualification package to those from other manufacturers and consider it to be extremely comprehensive.

- Stefan Jordan, department for process technology and safety at Schülke&Mayr (Norderstedt, Germany)

I believe we have been using this instrument for 20 years and in all those years it has always provided excellent results.

- Alois Gölles, CEO of Gölles, which produces distillates and vinegars (Riegersburg, Austria)

Our DMA 4500 M and the other Anton Paar instruments have been helping us maintain tight control of process specifications and ensure that the quality of our products meets global standards.

- Apurba Roy, QA manager at Bengal Beverages (West Bengal, India)

We rely on Anton Paar’s measurement technology and enjoy the advantages of automated production monitored by process sensors – and that gives the brewmaster and his crew time to work creatively.

- Andrea Bagli, CEO of Birra Amarcord (Rimini, Italy)

The nice thing about the Anton Paar unit is that it’s the only unit of its kind that is actually approved for government testing.

- David Dickson, head distiller at “Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery” (Niagara, Canada)

The most important instrument here is the PBA-B. It is the reference instrument for quality control in the lab.

- Andreas Werner, Brew master, Göss Brewery (Leoben, Austria)

We can not only look at our beer in the moment but we can look at it over time, we can deduce trends, we can use the information as a powerful tool.

- Kyle Simon, chemist at Anchor Brewing (San Francisco, California)