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Microwave digestion rotor:
Rotor 41HVT56

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The latest addition to the Multiwave 5000 platform is Rotor 41HVT56: 
the highest throughput acid digestion rotor on the market utilizing Anton Paar’s SmartVent technology.

SmartVent technology vessels have no consumable parts, no protective jackets, no tools to close the vessels, and no membrane needs to be replaced. The result of these features is the easiest to use vessel on the market.

Rotor 41HVT56 comes with 41 vessels with 56 mL nominal volume and automated internal temperature control of each vessel. Various kinds of samples including biological, environmental, agricultural, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical samples can be digested even in the same run.

Key features

 SmartVent Technology

  • New pressure-activated-venting concept which enables reliable pressure control in each vessel
  • Allows the digestion of the highest sample amounts
  • Different samples can be digested simultaneously

The highest sample throughput on the market

  • Vessels with integrated cooling fins for the fastest cooling
  • Three-part vessel design for easy, tool-free vessel handling and swift cleaning
  • The special microwave-optimized design of the rotor allows rapid heating and cooling even of a fully equipped rotor with 41 vessels

The lowest total lifetime cost

  • Continuous low-intensity cooling during a run increases the vessels’ lifetime
  • Minimized number of accessories required

Run standard methods

  • Temperature-controlled digestions are provided without the need for an optional sensor

Anton Paar Certified Service

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  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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