Consumable Sets

To simplify the order of frequently required consumables and spare parts, several consumable sets are available that match the different configurations.The consumable set for Rotor 16 comprises 16# each of required sealing items for the screw caps (lip type seal, rupture disk, venting screw). On the other hand, the consumable sets of Rotor 8 (NXF or NXQ configuration) beside the mentioned sealing items also contain seal holders, safety disk holders, and syringe connectors (8# each). In addition, a set of liners (8#) for MF/HF/XF100 reaction vessels is available for replacement. The consumable set for Rotor 48MF50 also contains the required sealing parts: cone seals, safety disks and vent pipes (48# each), as well as O-rings (50#) for the 50 mL PFA liners.

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Key features

    • Approximate annual demand of spare parts in one package
    • Only one part number for a selection of items

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