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BM500 is a versatile laboratory ball mill intended for the milling and homogenization of a broad variety of samples ranging from soft, fibrous to hard and brittle materials. With a simplified handling principle it enables the quick processing of dry, wet, and even cryogenic milling procedures.
As the all-rounder suitable for any application segment, BM500 quickly manages routine as well as scientific applications. Depending on your material and preparation settings a final particle size of around 1 µm is achievable. (Grinding jars and balls need to be ordered separately)

Key features

One-knob handling for all settings

One-knob handling for all settings

One rotary-push button is the only tool you have to operate to set all process parameters needed for appropriate grinding and homogenization.
This easy and intuitive concept enables quick handling and minimizes errors. It is therefore beneficial for daily routine work.

The status of your mill is always visible via three status LEDs.

Quick results - milling and homogenization within seconds

Quick results - milling and homogenization within seconds

The modern construction of BM500 and the use of a powerful DC brushless motor enable quick and reproducible results.

Depending on your sample material and the required final fineness, milling times from 5 s to 99 min are selectable.

Simultaneous works better

Simultaneous works better

BM500 operates in simultaneous mode, which enables you to treat two independent subsamples in exactly the same way. This is advantageous for several reasons such as grinding a higher amount of sample at once or having one sample batch left as a backup and control sample.
The largest cup volume handled by BM500 is 2 x 50 mL.

The key to homogeneous samples – versatile accessories

The key to homogeneous samples – versatile accessories

The broad range of accessories for BM500 enables you to mill almost any sample material to the fineness you need for your subsequent analysis.
Especially when analyzing the powder itself sufficient homogeneity guarantees that all components are detected correctly.

Furthermore, the use of the right material touching the samples (jars and balls) prevents contamination of your sample, which is of the utmost importance for e.g. trace metal determination.

One instrument for almost any application

One instrument for almost any application

BM500 is an all-rounder for milling and grinding and therefore suitable for samples ranging from metals and rocks to food, biological and environmental materials.
The shape of the sample does not matter, BM500 easily manages grains, pellets and fibers as well as voluminous samples like wool, grass, and leaves.

For elastic materials as well as sensitive samples such as those with volatile components, the cryogenic application is available to enable grinding at all or to avoid the degradation or loss of certain components.

Technical specifications

Power supply:

230 V ±10 % - 50/60 Hz
115 V ±10 % - 50/60 Hz

Rated power:

200 W
Vibrational frequency regulation:Digital, from 3 Hz to 30 Hz
(180  min-1 to 1800 min-1),
in 0.1 Hz steps
Time:5 s to 99 min, timer HOLD function,
in 1 s steps (below 10 min),
or 10 s steps (above 10 min)
Final fineness:

1 µm; Final fineness depends on the sample material and grinding configuration

Feed size of sample:Grain ≤ 8mm
Balls ≤ 25 mm in diameter
Max. volume of milling cups:2 x 50 mL
Ambient temperature:5 °C to 40 °C
Humidity:<85 % RH, non-condensing
Dimensions W x D x H:385 mm x 420 mm x 240 mm
(465 mm with hood open)
Weight:42 kg

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