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Measuring Mixer N50/N50 EHT and B50/B50 EHT

  • N 50 / N 50 EHT with cam blades 
  • B 50 / B 50 EHT with Banbury blades
  • standard measuring mixers for testing natural and synthetic elastomers
Measuring Mixer N50/N50 EHT and B50/B50 EHT Contact

The most typical applications are testing the flow and cure behavior, mastication, compounding with additives such as carbon black, silica, etc. They are also frequently used for measuring the breakdown index and the black incorporation time (BIT). Furthermore, the flow behavior of electrode masses and ceramic molding materials can be determined as a function of temperature and shear, and absorption tests can be run on materials like iron oxide powder, carbon black, pigments, and similar materials with particle sizes in the μm range.

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Blown Film Take-Off Unit 

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Product details
  • User-friendly: Working height, winding torque and cooling air adjustable via touchscreen
  • Application versatility: Adaptable to different film dimensions and properties
  • Expandable: Measure and control film width and analyze film quality using optional modules
  • MetaBridge Connect: Full control and automated data transfer to Brabender MetaBridge extruders

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