15,000 Euros for Lerncafé Gries

2024-03-08 | Corporate

The Lerncafé (learning café) Anton Paar Gries is located near Andrä church in Graz. A total of 30 children from the age of 6 to 15 years and with migrant background visit the café on a daily basis. There, they receive support with their homework and learning, but also with important things aside from school, such as games, handicrafts, fine motor skills or social interaction with other kids.

Versatile support
“We have been settled at this location for 15 years and are well-known, so we have a long waiting list,” says caregiver Julia. Anton Paar is now in its fifth year of supporting the project with a generous donation. Additional to the financial support, Anton Paar also regularly organizes visiting days for the kids in the company – lunch together, exciting experiments with Anton Paar instruments are a welcome change in the children’s everyday learning routine. CEO Friedrich Santner also paid a return visit to the children at Lerncafé Gries.

Helping hands
In Graz there are five Lerncafés of Caritas Steiermark, all of them being run by permanent caregivers as well as voluntary helpers for the children. “We are always looking for volunteers. All you need is patience and joy in learning and reading. If you can offer just one afternoon a week, that would be a great help,” says caregiver Julia. If you are interested in volunteering at a Lerncafé, you can find information here: lerncafe.gries@caritas-steiermark.at, 0676 880 15 314.