A Sweet Jump in Pump Performance

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Start with the right sugar syrup concentration

High concentrate sugar syrups are widely used in soft drinks, liqueurs, FABs or concentrates for FABs and Beer mixed drinks such as shandies. To keep handling and transportation efforts low, sugar concentrations of up to 60° Brix are common.

The sugar concentration around the full manufacturing process is crucial for the best and constantly steady taste of the final drink. In this process solid sugar is mixed with water to the desired concentration, buffered in tanks before this sugar syrup is mixed with flavors, water and other ingredients to the final product.

Now better for your measurement

From measuring the sugar concentration during syrup production to measuring the sugar and CO2 concentration at the blender and filler, Anton Paar density sensors are used in many different places of your production line.

As the viscosity increases with the sugar concentration this requires a higher capability to the pump which is used to supply a sensor with a constant flow of sample. With the new Inline Pump 520 from Anton Paar even high sugar syrups up to 60° Brix are easily fed to the sensors.

Inline Pump 520 - the ultimate upgrade

Anton Paar now supplies a powerful pump - the Inline Pump 520 - a magnetically coupled centrifugal sample pump with an optimized impeller providing best operation for tough applications like syrups.

It supplies a number of measuring instruments with a constant flow of sample. This provides stable measurements independent of process flow in the production. The modular design allows integration with adapters to process connections and Anton Paar sensors. The pump is maintenance free, protects itself from dry run and has highly integrated self-diagnostics according to NAMUR recommendation NE107. The status of the Inline Pump 520 is easily observed by a bright multi-color LED indicator - visible for 360°. It can be used stand alone, controlled by a PLC or fully connected and controlled by the mPDS5 Evaluation Unit.

The EHEDG certified and FDA compliant the Inline Pump 520 serves all the need for measuring sugar syrup.

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Inline Pump 520:

Volume flow
150 L/h nominal
500 L/h max.
Delivery height
~ 3.2 m nominal
~ 4.2 m max.
Viscosity150 mPa.s
Power180 W max.
HygienicEHEDG Class I

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