Using Orthogonal Shear and Acoustic Excitation to Tune Thickening and Jamming in Suspensions

Each year, millions of viewers head to YouTube to watch people walk on water. Of course, these people are not actually walking on water: as stress is applied to a mixture of cornstarch and water, the cornstarch particles come close enough to form force chains that are capable of supporting the weight of a person.

While these principles help create popular videos, they can be problematic when it comes to efficient processing of industrial suspensions.

Anton Paar is proud to host Dr. Itai Cohen for a live webinar discussing how thickening problems can be overcome by oscillating the bottom plate of a rheometer to eliminate impact-driven jamming. “Using Orthogonal Shear and Acoustic Excitation to Tune Thickening and Jamming in Suspensions” will be presented on Wednesday, July 29, at 2pm EDT.

Join to learn more about the scientific principles behind these videos, the problems they cause, and how such problems can be solved.

Stay to witness the future of rheology. The work done by Dr. Cohen for this presentation includes experiments that have the potential to alter suspension processing methods used across a wide range of industries.

Professor Itai Cohen (English)
Itai Cohen

Professor Itai Cohen studies the physics of matter in motion. At Cornell, his research has focused on controlling the shear thickening behavior of microscopic and nanoscopic particles suspended in a fluid, exploring the mechanics of materials ranging from biological tissues to origami inspired metamaterials, building robots the size of cells, discovering the aerodynamic and neuromuscular mechanisms used by insects during flapping flight, and determining how audiences at heavy metal concerts coordinate their movement. Understanding how emergent behaviors arise from the microscopic rules governing these systems remains one of the biggest challenges in Physics.


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