Characterization of the Temperature and Frequency Dependency of the Complex Poisson's Ratio Using a Novel Combined Torsional-Axial Rheometer

This presentation discusses the feasibility of using a combined torsional-axial rheometer to indirectly measure the complex Poisson's ratio and its dependence on temperature and frequency. For this purpose, isothermal frequency sweeps in torsion and extension are performed sequentially on the same cylindrical specimen and under the same environmental conditions. The method is tested on two amorphous polymers, a semicrystalline polymer, a polymer blend, and a copolymer. This webinar includes an extensive literature review and an uncertainty assessment of the method to provide a basis for subsequent data comparison with existing research.

Dr. José Alberto Rodríguez Agudo (English)
Dr. José Alberto Rodríguez Agudo (English)

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