Bitumen Rheology

What are the advantages of testing bitumen with a DSR or rheometer in comparison to other methods? How will bitumen behave in extreme weather conditions in locations varying from arctic icebergs to hot deserts? What can shear modulus and its components tell us about the stiffness and strength of a bituminous mixture?
This Bitumen Rheology Webinar will answer these questions, and many more. Bitumen, by the way, is the binder that holds an asphalt pavement together. Rheology is the science of flow and deformation; it not only encompasses the study of fluids (i.e., viscous behavior) but also the study of solids (i.e., elastic behavior) along with their interstate of viscoelastic behavior. This webinar brings both these worlds together.

Dr. Andres Posada (English)
Dr. Andres Posada (English)
Andres Posada

Andrés Posada completed his doctorate in polymer chemistry at the University of Bayreuth in 2022 and started as a Product Specialist in the Product Competence Team Rheometry in Ostfildern (Germany). His responsibilities include asphalt and polymer applications.


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