Multiwave GO – Ready, Steady … GO!

2014-02-26 | Corporate

For more than 40 years, Anton Paar has been a leading supplier of sample preparation instruments. The latest innovation, Multiwave GO, represents a masterstroke of Anton Paar's engineering. Multiwave GO is a routine digestion system with an extremely lightweight rotor for 12 vessels providing SMART VENT technology. Based on a DMC Directed Multimode Cavity - the new self-adjusting microwave field invented by Anton Paar - highly efficient heating is possible in an extremely small-footprint system. For efficient reaction control the internal vessel temperature of each vessel is controlled via an IR sensor.

Go for DMC Directed Multimode Cavity
The newly designed DMC Directed Multimode Cavity provides the best of both monomode and multimode microwaves. As in a monomode system, the microwaves are directed directly to the sample, providing highly efficient heating in a compact system. As in a multimode system, up to twelve samples can be digested in a single run.


SMART VENT technology is the new pressure-activated-venting concept invented by Anton Paar which enables precise and reliable pressure control in each vessel. The overpressure related to reaction gases is safely released and removed by the system. The main benefits of SMART VENT are the digestion of extremely high sample amounts and the possibility to safely digest samples with different reaction behavior in the same run. SMART VENT technology makes Multiwave GO the utmost convenient digestion system on the market.

Go for the TURBO concept

Based on the short digestion process times provided by the TURBO heating and TURBO cooling concept, a superior sample throughput of up to 12 samples in 18 minutes is possible. Due to the TURBO cooling, unique cooling times as short as 8 minutes for a fully loaded twelve-position rotor are possible.