Optimizing Pharmaceutical Powder Characterization: 5 Key Techniques

Many parameters, both internal and external, influence the behavior of pharmaceutical powders. Understanding why and how is the first step in optimizing your process for developing novel pharmaceutical powders. 

This webinar will focus on 5 key techniques for characterizing pharmaceutical powders including methods for analyzing surface area, particle size, density, and flow. Anton Paar Lead Scientist Brian Rodenhausen, Ph.D. will walk you through each of these techniques, explaining both the application as well as key developments in the technology and instrumentation. 

After the webinar, you will have a better understanding of how powder characteristics combine with environmental elements to impact your powders during all stages – from synthesis to formulation to tablet production. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to improve the accuracy and consistency of solid dosage forms
  • How humidity and temperature changes affect pharmaceutical powders
  • How accurate density measurements speed up the tableting process
Dr. Brian Rodenhausen (English)
Brian Rodenhausen

Dr. Brian Rodenhausen is the Lead Scientist in the Particle and Materials Characterization group at Anton Paar USA. His research background focused on label-free characterization of the solid-liquid interface. He received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) and did post-doctoral work at UNL and the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research in Dresden, Germany.

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