Automotive Tribology - Lubes and Greases for ICEs to EVs

One of the principal functions of lubricants and greases in automotive applications is to reduce friction and wear between mating surfaces. There are also secondary functions that are also becoming critical, such as heat transfer, corrosion protection, and, in the new age of electric vehicles (EVs), the electrical properties of lubes and greases. This webinar focuses on how to study lubricated contacts and presents a novel test methodology to characterize electric properties of lubricants and greases under dynamic conditions.

Webinar highlights

  • Definitions, instrumentation, test methodologies, etc.
  • Effect of additives, contamination, etc.
  • Significance of electro-tribology
Kartik S. Pondicherry, PhD (English)
Kartik S. Pondicherry, PhD (English)

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