PMA 500 – New test method according to ISO 15267

With software version 1.1, PMA 500 provides a new predefined testing method according to ISO 15267 – a flash point limit test for animal and vegetable fats and oils.

As a longstanding producer of flash point testing equipment, Anton Paar introduced a new innovative instrument to the market in 2020 – the PMA 500.

PMA 500 offers premium technologies for high sample throughput, an automatic motor-driven multi-function head and a long lasting encapsulated hot wire type electric igniter.

With software update 1.1.0 a new predefined test method has been added to the method list. The new standard method, ISO 15267, specifies a procedure to determine whether a sample of oil or fat will flash at a given temperature (usually 121 °C) when a test flame is applied to the sample under specified conditions.

The method is applicable to animal, vegetable and marine fats and oils. The fats and oils may or may not contain small amounts of volatile inflammable solvents.

This Application Report describes the determination of a flash point limit for two oil samples performed with the automatic closed cup flash point tester PMA 500.

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