ASTM D93 - ASTM Proficiency Testing Diesel Fuel

Anton Paar participated in the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program to test the diesel fuel sample DF 22006 with the PMA 500 and achieved a top result.


As a longstanding producer of flash point testing equipment, Anton Paar added a new innovative instrument to its portfolio – the PMA 500.PMA 500 offers premium technologies for high sample throughput, an automatic motor-driven multi-function head and a long lasting encapsulated hot wire type electric igniter.

To verify the excellent precision of Anton Paar’s automatic Pensky Martens Closed Cup tester, since 2017 we have been regularly participating in the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) using the PMA 5, the predecessor of the PMA 500.In this PTP the diesel fuel sample DF22006 was analyzed by 468 participating laboratories and first time by Anton Paar’s new PMA 500.

The given standard was ASTM D93 Procedure A, covering the flash point determination of distillate fuels (diesel, biodiesel blends, kerosene, heating oil, turbine fuels), new and in-use lubricating oils, and other homogeneous petroleum liquids.

The performance of the PMA 500 was found to be exceptional since the deviation of the PMA 500 test result (barometric pressure corrected rounded value) from the ILS average is remarkably low as shown in the comparison table.

The ASTM Proficiency Testing Program is a valuable tool for laboratories and instrument manufacturers worldwide to conduct equal tests on the same material in accordance with the same test method.

This Application Report describes the flash point determination of the PTP diesel fuel sample DF220066 performed with the automatic closed cup flash point tester PMA 500 for the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program. You will get information about all accessories you need and how you have to set up your PMA 500 to obtain excellent results.

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