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Syringe Heating Accessory for DMA™ 4200 M

The syringe heating accessory from Anton Paar is a DMA™ 4200 M accessory. It is specially designed for heating the sample inlet and the sample outlet as well as the special syringe for filling samples like bitumen, asphalt, waxes and plastics. The samples are kept hot up to 200 °C throughout the entire density measurement, without clogging the outlet. The syringe heating accessory guarantees fast, easy and safe filling of the DMA™ 4200 M. It is a must-have tool for measuring samples with a high melting point.

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Key Features

Measure asphalt and bitumen easily

  • Keeps the melted sample hot and in liquid stage
  • For bitumen, asphalt and other samples with a high melting point
  • Ensures the samples keep the required temperature throughout the system
  • Ensures easy filling and sample handling

Anton Paar Certified Service

The Anton Paar quality in service and support:
  • More than 350 manufacturer-certified technical experts worldwide
  • Qualified support in your local language
  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
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