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At-line Measurement directly at the Tank with OxyQC, CarboQC At-line and CboxQC At-line

Perfect quality before transport, perfect quality upon arrival: meters for dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen analysis give an insight on a beverage's composition before and after transport.

Get an insight on dissolved CO2 and O2 before, during and after transport directly at the tank

In order to supply the customer with immaculate beverage products regarding their quality as well as the beverage's specifications the quality control does not stop after the production. Check dissolved CO2 or O2 directly at the tank and after transport when delivering the product to the filler to make sure that the dissolved gas content is within specifications.

Check points at the tank before and during filling aim at

  • no loss of carbon dioxide,
  • no ingress of oxygen and
  • no color and taste deterioration.

OxyQC, CarboQC At-line or CboxQC At-line? The choice is yours!

Use OxyQC for monitoring oxygen and CarboQC At-line for monitoring carbon dioxide. If both CO2 and O2 need to be measured, CboxQC At-line is the ideal solution.

Loading or unloading, OxyQC, CarboQC At-line or CboxQC At-line get the picture

Monitoring the dissolved gas content during loading helps ensure that only immaculate product is getting transferred. Monitoring dissolved gas content after transport and before unloading ensures that the product remained unchanged during transport. Three powerful instruments are available to gain and keep control!

  • Fast: CO2 and O2 results within 90 seconds.
  • Flexible: Portable instruments for use at various locations.
  • Robust: Fully protected for operation in harsh environments.

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Anton Paar‘s product series for measuring dissolved CO₂ and O2 in beverages provides the best possible solution for every application.

O₂ Meter: OxyQC
CarboQC At-line
CboxQC At-line

Good to know

The data logger function allows to start measurements automatically over a certain period of time at defined intervals. The data memory can store up to 500 results for download to a PC or printer.