The World of Viscometry and Rheometry


Viscometry and rheometry are powerful tools that can be used in quality control and research to characterize the flow behavior of materials.


This webinar will explore specific examples that show the benefits of viscometry and rheometry including:

- Overview of viscometry and rheometry

- Standard viscosity tests

- Standard rheology tests

- Choosing the best instrument for your sample

Sprache: English
Vortragende: Mr. Rene Nguyen, Ms. Marie Beaulieu
Rene Nguyen

René Nguyen earned his PhD in Organic Synthesis at McGill University. He has been a product specialist at Anton Paar since 2016, specializing in analytical testing of beverage and petroleum products. He has developed numerous unique methods for measuring density and saved users time and money with his contributions in concentration determination.

Marie Beaulieu

Marie Beaulieu has many years of experience in the chemical industry, working with substances ranging from hazardous materials, polymers and food. She specializes in various instruments, including Rheometers, Particle Characterization and Surface & Pore instruments.


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