Meeting future targets of automotive fuels - the importance of compliance, sustainability, and efficiency


The disruptions to global petroleum supply and consumption as a result of COVID-19 and associated mitigation efforts have been significant as road and air travel fell sharply when economies around the world went into lockdown. Combining this dramatic impact with trendsetting governmental energy policies asking for the use of alternative and more sustainable fuels and consumers’ growing concern for climate change and their call for a healthy future rewrites the rules of the game for the whole petroleum industry.

Anton Paar can help you keep up with the latest trends and regulations, strive for more efficient production processes, and remain competitive in this highly contested environment using a wide portfolio of innovative measuring devices.

Join us for a free webinar to 

  • hear how fast and automated solutions enhance your productivity
  • discover how measuring technology contributes to increased safety for processes and people
  • learn how the most accurate and reliable measuring technology drives your development of future-proof fuels
Sprache: English
Vortragende: Siegfried Hold, M.A.
Siegfried Hold, M.A.

Siegfried Hold ist seit 2003 in der Labordichteabteilung von Anton Paar tätig. 2008, während seines Masterstudiums für Innovationsmanagement an der Fachhochschule Campus 02 in Graz, wurde er Produktmanager für die weltweit führenden Labordichtemessgeräte von Anton Paar. Seit 2019 konzentriert er sich in seiner Position als Market Development Manager für die Mineralölindustrie noch stärker auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Kundinnen und Kunden sowie auf die Entwicklung neuer Produkte.


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