Pharma | ViscoQC - Bestimmung der Rotationsviskosität von Salben

How can viscosity testing support quality control of pharmaceutical semi-solids? This application report shows how simple viscosity measurements of pharmaceutical formulations with ViscoQC 100/300 help to obtain steady, perfect consistency of medical suspensions.


Ointments, creams and lotions comprise the largest part of semi-solids in pharmaceutical industry. The consistencies of semi-solids during formulation have to be monitored for quality control. In addition, regulations of pharmacopeias must be followed. The viscosity of ointments, for example, has an impact on several stages in the production: It must be possible to pump them, pack them, squeeze them out of the packing easily and apply them on the target body areas. For the final reason, viscosities of ointments have to decrease when a force (“shear”) is applied (e.g. rubbing action). Therefore, perfect spreadability can only be obtained with a shear-thinning flow behavior of ointments.

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