Meet us: Top Process Solution Insights at ACHEMA 2024

Meet us: Top Process Solution Insights at ACHEMA 2024

Hall 11.1, Booth E3 | June 10 to June 14, 2024 | Messe Frankfurt am Main

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The all-in-one portfolio for: Mass flow measurement, concentration and density measurement, product identification and phase separation, viscosity measurement, and engineering solutions

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Mass flow and inline concentration measurement

L-Cor covers a wide range - from as low as 0.4 grams per minute to an exceptional 1,400 metric tons per hour; rom micro-dosing applications, where precision is paramount for handling fragrances, to large-volume custody transfer measurements, where accuracy is critical for seamless transactions involving substantial quantities.

Concentration and density measurement

Whether it’s for density, sound velocity, or refractive index, we’re the only company that offers all three methods for inline concentration measurement of liquids on one platform. You can easily integrate all of our process sensors into your existing measuring processes. Two-component or three-component mixtures? We have a solution for any application.

Product identification and phase separation

Identify your products and phases easily and instantly with the high-precision sensors from Anton Paar – applications cover e.g. product identification in pipelines and tanks. For instance, to facilitate batch processes, ensure plant safety by supporting the routing of each fluid safely to its proper destination, preventing unintentional mixing, or identifying different phases in tanks.

Viscosity measurement

The Brabender Convimeter delivers in-line viscosity measurement and process control for the production and development of liquids and pastes. Monitor viscosity seamlessly throughout your production process and receive comprehensive data. Make informed decisions by adjusting process parameters in real-time based on accurate viscosity properties. Employ a single system for a diverse range of materials, accommodating varying viscosities with ease.

Process engineering solutions

Anton Paar leverages decades of process instrumentation experience to deliver intelligent engineering solutions. Flexible, fast, accurate, they range from chemical and petroleum to beverage and food processing. No matter the material – low-viscosity fluids, liquid gases, higher-viscosity media – we offer process monitoring, analysis and control solutions that maximize quality and optimize efficiency.

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Discover the very latest Anton Paar instruments!

The Type U L-Cor 8000 Coriolis mass flow meter from the front
Coriolis Flow Meter:

Discover our high-accuracy Coriolis meters for inline mass flow and concentration measurement.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter:
L-Cor 4000

Perform inline mass flow measurements with 0.2% accuracy and density/concentration measurements with 3g/cm³ accuracy.

The Type S L-Cor 6000 Coriolis mass flow meter from the front
Hygienic Flow Meter:
L-Cor 6000

Perform inline mass flow measurements with 0.15% accuracy and density/concentration measurements with 2g/cm³ accuracy for hygienic applications.

Inline Density Meter:

Inline density meters for inline density measurements with up to 0.05 kg/m³ accuracy.

Liquid Density Sensor:
L-Dens 2300

Perform inline density measurements with 3-digit accuracy at low flow rates with this OEM module.

Inline Sound Velocity Sensor:

Perform inline concentration measurements or OCR optimization.

Density and Sound Velocity Concentration Sensor:
L-Com 5500

Perform inline concentration measurements of 3-component mixtures via density and sound velocity.

Inline Refractometer:

Inline refractometer L-Rix 5100/5200 fulfills NAMUR NE 107, is designed according to EHEDG, and is ready for measuring concentration.

Convimeter II

Gain precise viscosity profiles with the Convimeter II, featuring browser-based operation and integrated touch screen for unmatched ease of use.

Benchtop Density Meter:
DMA 4501

Measure density with 5-digit accuracy in the lab, as a stand-alone tool, or as part of a bigger analysis system.

Compact Digital Density Meter:
DMA 1001

Measure density with 4-digit accuracy and comply with industry standards. Spill-proof design for use in the lab or in production and storage facilities.

Rotational Viscometer:
ViscoQC 300 R

Perform multi-point viscosity measurements of medium-viscosity samples.

Compact Digital Refractometer:
Abbemat 3200

Determine refractive index in a range between 1.30 and 1.72 at temperatures between 10 °C and 60 °C with an accuracy of ± 0.0001.

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Talk to these people at the stand:
Germany: Ralph Bismark, Tobias Ochss, Thomas Radant
Netherlands: Susanna ten Hulscher
Switzerland: Nicolas Ogez-Paul
Poland: Jan Kwiaton
Scandinavian countries: Johan Andersson
Benelux: Roel Claessens

The booth will be staffed with experts from both the product department and our lab team, including Michael Neßwetha and Marcus Semrau, ensuring expert assistance is on hand.

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