Microwave-assisted Solvent Extraction (MAE) of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Bitumen Samples

The determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in bitumen samples is a typical task in the petroleum industry. With Monowave 450, which is specially designed for MAE, this process can be shortened from more than 12 hours to about 10 minutes.

Extractions: Faster, Easier, Greener and Cheaper

With Monowave 450 an extraction protocol for the determination of PAHs
in bitumen was developed. The extraction process was simplified by avoiding
cumbersome manual tasks like shaking and sample transfer and reduced
the overall time from 12 hours to several minutes.

Modern microwave reactors provide significant benefits compared to traditional
extraction equipment like Soxhlet systems, simple heating plates or
ultrasonic baths.

By supporting closed vessel heating the process temperature
can be increased above the boiling point
of the used solvent. This
reduces the extraction time and the solvent demand significantly. In addition,
the comprehensive parameter control and documentation lead to increased
reproducibility and data quality.


Monowave 450 - User Benefits

  • Speed: Extraction time reduced from 12 hours to about 10 minutes
  • Economic and environmental benefits: 1/3 reduced solvent consumption
    leads to fast amortization´
  • Automation: The autosampler MAS 24 enables the unattended sequential
    extraction of up to 24 samples
  • Simplicity: Easy method development by software-controlled processing
    and the 24-position autosampler
  • High reproducibility: Full documentation of temperature, pressure and
  • Safety: No exposure to solvent vapors

Other relevant instruments

Beside Monowave 450 Anton Paar also offers the Multiwave PRO SOLV Extraction
Package. 
Due to its 16-position rotor this is the perfect system for quality control and other high-throughput extraction applications.