Go with the Flow – Powder Flow Under the Influence Temperature and Moisture

Go with the Flow – Powder Flow Under the Influence Temperature and Moisture

The behavior and mechanical coefficients of solids under the influence of temperature are well understood, how this translates to particulates is less so. This increased complexity warrants dedicated measuring equipment. In this webinar we will show how simple it is to apply temperature and humidity in a newly built powder shear cell. This setup allows to analyze powders both in an extensive temperature range (from -160°C to 600°C) as well as under the application of high amounts of moisture in the air. The webinar will start with a brief introduction to shear cell measurements and will then focus on the different kinds of impacts which can be observed when temperature and/or humidity changes. Varying temperature and humidity can significantly change how a powder behaves and therefore also change how it has to be handled and stored.

Multiple samples will be discussed, from food and feed powders to pharmaceutical over polymers  and inorganic raw materials like cement and TiO2. The webinar will also cover how these measurements translate to the real-life application and which conclusions can be drawn from this for optimized production, processing and storage.

Recording available
Dr. Timothy Aschl (English)
Timothy Aschl

Timothy Aschl is the global product manager for powder rheology at Anton Paar since 2017. He holds a PhD in chemistry from the École Polytechnique, France where he researched biosensors. His Master’s degree in technical physics was obtained from the Technical University of Graz, with a focus on biofuels.

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