From Excipient Handling to Tabletting: Powder Rheological Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

This webinar will offer insight into Anton Paar's powder rheological solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Nicolas Mougin of the company Rheonis in France will show advanced applications of powder rheometry and how measuring cells can be used as instrumental micro-pilot systems. The first part will cover characterization of the impact of humidity and temperature on certain powder rheological characteristics of PEG as one of the most important excipients in the pharmaceutical industry. The second part will deal with powder wet granulation with a focus on the concentration and nature of used binders. The final part will look at powder tableting, via the use of compressibility tests and compression analysis based on the Heckel and Kawakita models.

Dr. Helena Weingrill Marion (English)
Helena Weingrill Marion

Dr. Helena Weingrill joined Anton Paar in 2019, after obtaining her PhD in polymer science at Montanuniversitaet Leoben in Austria with a special focus on material characterization. As global product manager for Powder rheology, she has specialized in the rheological characterization of powders of all kinds.

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