Breaking Down Oxidation Stability

Do you want to learn all things oxidation stability related? Join us on Wednesday, 02 August 2023 for our two part workshop.

Session one - Food, Flavours, Fragrances, Pharma and Cosmetics:

When it comes to food, flavours and fragrances, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products and ingredients, oxidation stability plays a major role in overall quality, consistency, and shelf life. Understanding a sample’s oxidative behavior is essential, as it often has a direct correlation on consumer experience and perception.

Join us from 08h00 to 12h00 where our guest speaker from Germany; Carolin Edinger will discuss modern techniques for determining and investigating oxidation stability in samples. Using the Anton Paar RapidOxy 100 oxidation stability tester, she will demonstrate how fully-automated accelerated aging – combined with oxygen consumption monitoring – can help enable:

  • Screening of antioxidants, ingredients, processes, and more
  • Monitoring of a product’s qualify over time within its designated storage conditions
  • Calculating oxygen consumption, activation energy, estimating shelf life etc.

Session two - Petroleum market:

All fuels, whether of fossil source or biogenic origin, constantly degrade due to oxidation giving rise to undesired products. Thererfore, oxidation stability testing is an integral part of the standard specifications independent if it is a diesel, diesel with biodiesel, biodiesel, or spark ignition fuel.

With RapidOxy 100 Fuel as the only RSSOT (Rapid Small-Scale Oxidation Test) instrument on the market Anton Paar offers a compact stand-alone instrument for determining the oxidation stability of all these liquid fuel types according to ASTM D7525, ASTM D7545, and EN 16091.

Our guest speaker Carolin Edinger - Product Manager for Oxidation Stability will introduce the RSSOT and demonstrate with the RapidOxy 100 Fuel:

  • How easily it is to fulfill the respective standard methods
  • The inclusion in standard specifications
  • Current status of ongoing standardization work

Webianr Agenda:

  • Session One 
    • 09h00 to 12h00: Presentation and demonstration
  • Session Two:
    • 13h00 to 16h00: Presentation and demonstration

Mr Rick Vosloo (English)
Rick Vosloo

He obtained his BSc Honours in Physics from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2006. He then joined Anton Paar Southern Africa in 2015 as a Sales Specialist overseeing the Eastern Cape region. In 2020 he moved up to Johannesburg to take over the Petrochemical Sales Specialist role, within a year later he was promoted to Product Manager for Viscosity and Petroleum Testing. In 2024 he was promoted to Business Unit Manager for Characterization.