Basics of Rheology

Rheology is the science dealing with the flow and deformation behavior of materials. Here, in addition to viscosity of free-flowing or semisolid fluids; we also characterize the viscoelastic behavior of material in general. Apart from academia, rheology is also used in research and development as well as quality control in a range of industries, such as food and beverages, cosmetics, healthcare, cement and construction, polymers, etc. In this current seminar, we will be talking about the basics of Rheology with focus on building materials. The topics covered include:

·        Basics of Rheology: Definition, Instrumentation, Test Methodologies

·        Understanding flow and deformation behavior of materials

·        Determining the influence of time, temperature, and stresses on the stability of materials

·        Specific case studies involving slurries, cement, etc. 

Dr. Kartik Pondicherry (English)

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