Automated particle characterization for maximum efficiency: Anton Paar

Automated particle characterization for maximum efficiency: Anton Paar's solutions for laboratory automation

Anton Paar offers versatile possibilities for custom tailored laboratory automatization. The options range from the integration of particle characterization instruments, different further analytics from Anton Paar (e.g. rheology, density, viscometry, density), and also instruments from 3rd party suppliers (e.g. pH, titration, etc.) into our automation solutions. But laboratory automation from Anton Paar is not limited to analytics only. Also the required sample preparation (sub-sampling, dilution, homogenization etc.) prior analytics became a standard repertoire in our automated solutions. This webinar offers insight into how to increase efficiency by automating laboratory processes. 

DI Helmut Löscher (English)
Helmut Löscher

Helmut Löscher is a Sales Manager at Anton Paar's Automation & Robotics department. He has many years of experience in laboratory automation and project development. He has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering & Economics.