Absolutely Autosorb: Get Ready for Next-Level Gas Sorption Analysis

We've combined high measuring performance and a modern software design into an all-new physisorption analyzer - the Autosorb 6100.
September 28, 2023, we'll be having a launch event for it.

The Autosorb 6100 is a high vacuum physisorption analyzer that’s been re-engineered for the most challenging surface area and pore size distribution measurements (0.35 nm to 500 nm), it covers your characterization laboratory needs.

At a Glance
• Rely on TruZone active coolant level control for accurate data – even over lengthy experiments
• Stay agile: measure up to 3 samples, 3 gases, 3 temperatures simultaneously 
• Accessible Kaomi for Autosorb software makes conducting experiments easy
• Adapts to your needs: 12 configurations and modular field upgrades
• Complies with 15 ASTM, DIN, and ISO standards

For your most important physisorption measurements, the choice is clear: Absolutely Autosorb.

Attend the event, get insights into the instrument right from the lab, and participate in a live Q&A with an Anton Paar expert.

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The official launch | September 28, 2023

Dr. Francisco Sotomayor (English)
Francisco Sotomayor

Dr. Francisco Sotomayor is Product Manager for Anton Paar's specialty gas sorption instruments under the Quantachrome Instrument Brand. He travels extensively providing worldwide support on specialized gas sorption topics, including: advanced physisorption techniques, vapor sorption, chemisorption, and high pressure analyses.

Prior to becoming product manager, Dr. Sotomayor was an application scientist within Quantachrome Instrument's scientific team, where he was involved in worldwide application support, customer training, as well as collaborative research projects with academia and industry. Dr. Sotomayor obtained his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2016 and was an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Acerca del Presentador: Dr. Francisco Sotomayor es Gerente de Producto de Analizadores de Sorción de Gas para Anton Paar QuantaTec (anteriormente Quantachrome Instruments).  Dr. Sotomayor es un experto en el área de caracterización de materiales específicamente en métodos de análisis para determinar características físicas de materiales y aplicaciones de sorción y separación de gases.

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