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Univette is a high-quality reusable cuvette designed for zeta potential and particle size measurements on the Litesizer™ 500. It enables measurement of particles suspended in aqueous as well as in organic solvents. The versatile Univette cuvette is also breaking new ground in terms of robustness and measurement under critical conditions: it is resistant to harsh chemicals, fully functional at high temperature and/or high conductivity, and is also able to measure highly concentrated or low-volume samples.

Unique, universal: Univette is the all-around cuvette for all your ELS and DLS needs.

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Key Features

  • ELS and DLS measurements in organic and in aqueous solvents
  • Resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Functional even at critical temperatures
  • Excellent robustness at high conductivity
  • Ability to measure low-volume samples
  • Suitable for highly concentrated samples
  • Easy handling

Technical Specifications

Cuvette type Univette
Intended for ELS measurements in organic solvents
Solvent compatibility Aqueous and organic solvents
pH range 2 to 12 (sample-dependent)
Minimum sample volume 50 µL with low-volume attachment (sample viscosity dependent)
Suitable for DLS measurement Yes (back- and forward scattering)
Concentration range Up to 50 % (sample-dependent)
Sample temperature range 0 °C to 90 °C