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  • Tribology — Measurement of Friction, Lubrication and Wear

MCR Tribology Cell T‑PTD 200

The ball-on-three-plates setup is a well-established method for measuring both lubricated as well as dry tribological systems. Different measuring geometries (plates, cylinders) are available for adaptation to specific sample needs. The heart of this setup is the T‑PTD 200 tribology cell which ensures precise alignment and therefore a homogeneous distribution of normal forces on the measured samples. To investigate lubricant performance in a bearing or to characterize the bearing itself, the T‑PTD 200 tribology cell can be equipped with a rolling bearing attachment. With this setup, different bearing types can be measured under axial loads.

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Key Features

Technical features

  • Options

    • Ball-on-three-plates
    • Rolling bearing test

  • The Peltier heating system: excellent temperature control from -40 °C up to 200 °C for all options
  • Maximum torque: 300 mNm
  • Sliding speed control between 108 and 3.3 m/s


  • Flexible test programming in rotation and oscillation
  • Pre-defined workbooks for Stribeck curves and static friction tests

Technical Specifications

T-PTD 200 Ball-on-three-plates Rolling bearing test
Tribological normal force FN,Tribo 1 N to 24 N 1 N to 50 N
Sliding speed vs 10-8 m/s to 1.4 m/s (3.3 m/s-1) -
Speed U 10-6 rpm to 3000 rpm
Temperature T -40 °C to 200 °C
Deflection angle φ 1 µrad to ∞ µrad
Contact types Point Component
Specimen sizes 12.7 mm setup
Ball: 12.7 mm
Plates (LxWxH):
15 mm x 6 mm x 3 mm
Pins (diameter, length):
6 mm, 6 mm

30 mm setup
Ball: 30 mm
Plates (LxWxH):
10 mm x 10 mm x 3 mm
Min. inner diameter:
3 mm
Max. inner diameter :
25 mm
Min. outer diameter:
10 mm
Max. outer diameter:
42 mm




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