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New dimensions in polarimetry

The powerful MCP polarimeter series from Anton Paar precisely, quickly and easily determines the optical rotation of substances. Based on a modular concept, the user-friendly MCP polarimeters are open to customer-specific configuration and are easily extended with a variety of sample cells and wavelength options in order to ideally suit your requirements.

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High precision of up to ± 0.002 °OR over the entire measuring range

Anton Paar‘s Modular Circular Polarimeter series determines your samples’  optical rotation over the entire measuring range of ± 89.9 °OR at the same high accuracy of up to ± 0.002 °OR. The MCP series meets the requirements of all industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals to flavors and fragrances. From routine measurements to demanding measurements in R&D - Anton Paar offers the right application for your requirements.

Optimal thermal conditions for fast and accurate results

A built-in Peltier temperature control unit encloses the sample cell so that the sample is homogeneously heated or cooled within a maximum temperature range from 10 °C to 45 °C. This eliminates the risk of thermal gradients and ensures fast and accurate measuring results.

Built-in trust in the results

The FillingCheckTM technology gives you a live video of the sample in the cell during and after filling. You can easily see bubbles or streaks in the image more clearly than with the human eye and can intervene if necessary. The image is automatically stored along with the measuring result. In this way you receive a traceable documentation of the measurement conditions, even after years.

Maximum user-friendliness and traceability

Anton Paar polarimeters have been designed with the user in mind. The built-in software is intuitive, fast and easy to operate. You are guided through measurements and calibrations step-by-step; the correct reading is given within seconds. To avoid any possible manual input errors, the instrument works with the unique ToolmasterTM function. All relevant parameters of sample cells and quartz control plates are wirelessly transferred to the instrument software via RFID.

Compliance with relevant standards

The MCP polarimeter series complies with national and international standards like pharmacopoeia, OIML and 21 CFR Part 11. With the Pharma Qualification Package, your new MCP polarimeter is integrated into your workflow within a short period of time. This saves you time and money.