Snap 41 Portable Alcohol Meter for Distilled Spirits

The instrument to replace all glass hydrometers in your distillery

Snap 41 is a digital alcohol hydrometer tailored to the needs of small distilleries. It measures the alcohol content in all your sugar-free distilled spirits at any strength, from pure distilled spirits to the watered-down, ready-to-drink spirits. The portable instrument measures your samples directly at the container within a few seconds. Results are shown in %v/v or °Proof, already corrected for temperature and given in easy-to-read numbers on the large color display. With cutting-edge technology in a long-life instrument, Snap 41 gives your hand-crafted spirits the high-quality measurement they deserve.

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Key features

Alcohol measurement with easy procedures – no human errors

Alcohol measurement with easy procedures – no human errors

  • No manual temperature correction necessary
  • Get the final result: values are shown in %v/v (corrected to 20 °C and 15 °C for the Japanese market) or °Proof (corrected to 60 °F)
  • Accuracy of 0.2 %v/v
  • Influence of viscosity on your density result is automatically corrected
  • Predefined routine to carry out calibrations with deionized water
  • New adjustment routine ensures alcohol measurements accurate to 0.2 %v/v, even at low measuring temperatures and alcohol concentrations
Only one alcohol meter for distilled spirits at all strengths

Only one alcohol meter for distilled spirits at all strengths

  • Snap 41 replaces all glass hydrometers
  • Measuring range from 0 %v/v to 100 %v/v
  • Usable during all stages of spirits production
Save time and effort with on-site alcohol measurements

Save time and effort with on-site alcohol measurements

  • Sample is taken directly from the storage container with the help of the built-in pump
  • Only 2 mL of sample are required, reducing sample waste to a minimum
  • Measurements can simply be started via a gesture while using your other hand to note down results
  • A measurement is finished within just a few seconds
  • The alcohol content, compensated to the reference temperature, is shown on the color display
An impressively long working life

An impressively long working life

  • Splash-proof housing
  • Special rubber protection for measuring cell included to absorb knocks during routine operation
  • Unique (AT516421 B1) patented design for connection of the measuring cell
Unbeaten usability – for easy-to-learn measuring routines

Unbeaten usability – for easy-to-learn measuring routines

  • Intuitive user interface for an immediate understanding of the instrument
  • Operated via capacitive keys with a sensitivity suitable for use with or without gloves
  • Suitable for both left- and right-handed users
  • Measuring cell with inspection window and backlight for convenient inspection of proper sample filling
  • Automatically rotating screen for conveniently readable results at any instrument position

Technical specifications

Patents granted Patent AT516421 (B1), EP3015847 (B1)
Measuring range Alcohol: 0 %v/v to 100 %v/v
Temperature: 5 °C to 30 °C (41 °F to 86 °F)
(automatic temperature correction)
Accuracy Alcohol: 0.2 %v/v
Temperature: 0.2 °C (0.4 °F)
Repeatability, s.d.* Alcohol: 0.1 %v/v
Temperature: 0.1 °C (0.2 °F)
Reproducibility, s.d.* Alcohol: 0.15 %v/v
Resolution Alcohol: 0.01 %v/v
Temperature: 0.1 °C (0.1 °F)
Ambient temperature 0 °C to 35 °C (32 °F to 95 °F)
Measuring principle Oscillating U-tube technology
Supported measuring units Alcohol concentration in %v/v at 20 °C or at 15 °C, °Proof
Power supply Three 1.5 V LR06 AA alkaline batteries
Sample volume 2 mL
Dimensions 245 mm x 103 mm x 126 mm (9.6 in x 4 in x 5 in)
Weight 660 g (23.3 ounces)
Protection class IP54
Optional available accessories Wristband, rubber protection housing for the operating panel, transportation suitcase

* according to ISO 5725

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