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Computerized System for Quality Analysis of Sugar Beet: Betalyser

The Betalyser is a computerized laboratory system for the quality control and analysis of sugar beet according to official ICUMSA methods. The sugar content estimated by polarimetric measurements is not clear evidence for the sugar yield, since molasses-forming beet ingredients like potassium, sodium and a-amino nitrogen have not to be considered. Sugar factories can use the Betalyser and a bonus system in their payment analysis to improve the quality of the delivered sugar beet und thus increase their economic turnover within a few years.

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Key Features

Quality analysis and quality control of sugar beet

  • Sugar content (polarization, °Z)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Sodium (Na)
  • α-amino nitrogen (α-N)
  • Suitable for lead-clarified or aluminium-clarified samples

    Calculation of Quality Relevant Data such as

    • Sugar Content
    • Sugar Yield
    • Molasses
    • Alkalinity

      Beetlab – the operating program for Betalyser

      Allows selection of four alternative methods for the quality analysis of sugar beet:

      • New Braunschweig formula
      • Method by Reinefeld & Winner
      • Method by Wieninger & Kubadinow
      • Customer-defined method



        ICUMSA GS6-7
        ICUMSA GS6-5

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