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Multiparameter Analyzing System:
Modulyzer E-Liquids

  • Minimal sample volume for full measurement cycle
  • 10x faster than traditional methods
  • Compliant with international regulations on nicotine concentration
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Modulyzer E-Liquids is the perfect solution for e-liquids manufacturers when analyzing PG/VG ratios (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin in mixtures) via density measurement. The measured ratio can be used for production and quality control, and it’s shown on the product label. Subsequently, the nicotine concentration of e-liquids can be conveniently obtained by optical rotation measurement. This is important for international regulations limiting the maximum nicotine content for fiscal and pricing reasons.

Key features

Full measurement cycle with one sample

Full measurement cycle with one sample

  • Measurements with small sample volumes (10 mL) – ideal for expensive nicotine substances
  • Concentration determination within three minutes (10x faster compared to manual methods)
  • Simple handling requires minimum operator training
  • Optional sample recovery unit for valuable samples available
10x faster and more efficient than conventional methods

10x faster and more efficient than conventional methods

  • One measurement run takes only three minutes, whereas conventional methods, like a traditional pycnometer, take 30 minutes or even longer
  • In comparison, traditional pycnometers are prone to human error, and require experienced staff, additional equipment (scale, water bath for sample tempering, etc.), and more solvents, while delivering less precise results
  • Optional automation: Especially when working with toxic agents like nicotine or other corrosive substances, automation via a sample changer speeds up measurement and ensures operator safety
Compliance with international regulations

Compliance with international regulations

  • Full compliance with international regulations which limit the maximum nicotine content in the final product for fiscal and pricing reasons.
  • Traceable confirmation of product specifications in final quality control
  • Protection against product copies and imitates by traceable evidence of your formulations 
Extension options for more applications

Extension options for more applications

  • Additional refractometer: Check incoming raw material for further flavors & fragrances applications like orange oil
  • Addtional rolling-ball viscometer: Measure the glycol substance for ideal composition in e-cigarettes
  • Additional parameters, such as pH and turbidity, to analyze other substances and flavors
  • Full compliance with new regulations or new markets

Technical specifications

Measuring range Accuracy Repeatability
DMA 4100 M Density 0 g/cm³ to 3 g/cm³ 0.0001 g/cm³ 0.00001 g/cm³
Temperature 0 °C to 100 °C 0.03 °C 0.02 °C
MCP 100 Optical rotation ±89.9° ±0.01° ±0.01°
Temperature 20 °C to 25 °C ±0.2°C -
Xsample 530 Viscosity 12,000 mPa·s with internal air pump
36,000 mPa·s with external compressed air

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  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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