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  • Excellent film quality
  • High take off speed
  • Accurate temperature conditioning

The Brabender Univex is a universally applicable downstream device for draw-off, cooling and winding of flat films with film speeds up to 30 m/min. Liquid temperature control of the take-off rolls ensures uniform temperature distribution and has a positive effect, e.g. on crystallization processes in the film. The winding roll is fixed via clamping cones and can thus be easily removed. The Univex can be controlled manually via the control panel or via CAN bus from a PC. In combination with the Brabender Film Quality Analyzer FQA, the system enables automated optical inline analysis of extruded films. The high-resolution camera system of the Film Quality Analyzer detects inhomogeneities and impurities, such as black specks, gel particles, fish eyes, holes, etc.) in transparent and pigmented films. Even highly pigmented films with extremely low transparency are reliably inspected using adaptive transparency and gray value analysis. The customized software enables both optical film analysis and qualitative and quantitative statistical evaluation of film purity.

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