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Adsorption Analyzers

These compact, fully automatic analyzers measure high-resolution physisorption, chemisorption and vapor sorption isotherms for best accuracy pore size, surface area, and specific gas/solid interactions. All these parameters are essential for the optimization of adsorbents, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, battery, and other porous materials.

Solid Density Analyzers

These solid density analyzers measure with the highest level of accuracy over the widest range of sample sizes. The gas pycnometers provide accurate results with any of the included sample cells. The tapped density analyzers can use an array of graduated cylinder sizes so they are adjustable to different standards’ requirements. The micro rotary rifflers ensure representative sampling from larger amounts.

Porometers & Porosimeters

It’s a unique benefit on the market: Get your instruments to measure pore type and pore size from one and the same provider. The easy-to-use capillary flow porometers measure through pores in filtering materials. And our safe, easy-to-use mercury intrusion porosimeters describe the size distribution and volume of pores accessible from a material’s exterior.