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Accessory for Tosca 400 AFM:
Wafer Stage

Fully automatic AFM measurements of wafers of up to 200 mm

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Wafer structures are becoming smaller and the density of the integrated components is growing continuously. In order to be able to analyze these sub-nanometer structures in a non-destructive way using atomic force microscopy you need to perform a surface inspection of the whole wafer. Anton Paar’s Wafer Stage is the perfect add-on to upgrade the atomic force microscope Tosca 400 to a fully automated wafer analysis tool. 

Key features

Measure a wafer of up to 200 mm without cutting it

Measure a wafer of up to 200 mm without cutting it

The Wafer Stage for Tosca 400 offers the biggest flexibility when it comes to AFM analysis of full wafers. You can measure 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm wafers on this sample stage. Those are fixed with a wafer vacuum chuck. Also multiple wafer fragments can be automatically measured with the standard sample stage to which you can switch in less than 3 minutes.

Enjoy the most intuitive batch measurement

Enjoy the most intuitive batch measurement

Representative statistics from AFM data when analyzing full wafers is essential in failure analysis and process optimization. Our batch measurement function fully automates these tasks. It offers an intuitive setup to add, edit, reorder, and redefine existing measurements in the batch table. Predefined batch files can be created and loaded for standardized measurements. Even the analysis of these measurements can be performed fully automatically with the help of predefined templates in the Tosca Analysis software. 

Find and address every spot on your wafer at any time

Find and address every spot on your wafer at any time

The integrated automated alignment of the wafer provides full navigation via absolute coordinates. This makes it possible to locate and also relocate specific spots on your wafer at any time, thereby optimizing wafer production processes. You can also load existing coordinates from other analysis instruments to perform an AFM analysis with Tosca on the exact same position. In this way you can find defects on your wafer quickly and easily. 

Technical specifications

Wafer size100 mm (4”), 150 mm (6”), 200 mm (8”)
Max. wafer height2 mm

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