Time to evolve 16 – Absolute vs. relative rotational viscometers and their impact on the results

Cannot compare your measurement results with other laboratories? In this webinar you will learn which impact the measurement system (e.g. disk spindle, concentric cylinder) has on your viscosity determination.

You will get insights on:

  • Difference between absolute and relative rotational viscometers
  • Parameters which need to be considered to get comparable and standardized measurement results using a rotational viscometer
  • Checks and maintenance of your viscometer to ensure proper function

Target group:

  • Anyone who is interested in obtaining comparable results in rotational viscometry
  • Everyone concerned in measuring viscosity with a rotational viscometer
  • Laboratory managers, production managers, laboratory technicians
  • Managers and scientists from headquarters/decentralized analytical and quality control laboratories


Recording available
MSc Tamara Kurzmann (English)
Tamara Kurzmann

Tamara Kurzmann works as application specialist for viscometers at Anton Paar. Her job is to test water-like up to paste-like samples with rotational viscometers to figure out the best solution for your daily problems. Each sample - even a sticky one - finds its viscometer. Solving your problems in quality control is her challenge.


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