RheoMind: Machine Learning for Rheology, Applied to Plant-Based Foods

Over the past several years, there has been a surge in start-ups dedicated to revolutionizing materials science by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to create modern research tools. Although the future of materials science is expected to be profoundly impacted by the ongoing advancements in AI, most materials scientists are still waiting for a tailored solution.

Entropy Labs is a team of Scientists on a mission to unlock “deep material” insights by modernizing materials data science. Their first software product is RheoMind - a deep learning rheology platform for Materials R&D and Quality teams. In this webinar, RheoMind will debut novel machine learning metrics designed for small, medium, and large amplitude rheology toward guiding material formulation in Plant Based foods. In addition, RheoMind will preview how it uses computer vision algorithms for anomaly detection in a “deep quality control” tool for production applications. And lastly, RheoMind will illustrate how cutting-edge language models can be used for synthesizing a “virtual rheologist” for data sharing and collaboration across teams. 

Attendees will learn not only about the intersection of AI and rheology, but also how the relationship between the two will benefit sustainable, plant-based food products.

Mr. Nikolaus Mackay (English)
Nikolaus Mackay

Nikolaus Mackay is the founder and rheologist behind RheoMind. He started and developed rheology programs at several Material Science start-ups across Silicon Valley. He is now focused on developing modern tools at the intersection of Materials and Data Science. 


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