RheoCompass Optimization of your Testing Report

Anton Paar rheometers provide the possibility to measure your sample with help of the RheoCompass software. But what is the point of the greatest measurement when you cannot share the results with others in an easy to understand format? RheoCompass offers the report as a tool to display your most important measurements, diagrams, and analysis results at a glance. Reports are particularly useful for quality control and standards testing. In this webinar, you will learn how to create your own report and adjust it to your needs.


Dr. Jan Haeberle (English)
Jan Haeberle

Dr. Jan Haeberle is a product specialist for rheometry at Anton Paar Germany, where he provides customers worldwide with application-specific and technical support. He did his PhD in Experimental Physics at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne and holds a Masters degree from the University of Edinburgh.


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