Non-ambient X-ray diffraction on benchtop diffractometers - Small, but powerful

Expectations for benchtop X-ray diffractometers have risen in recent years. Not only have sources, optics and detectors evolved, but state-of-the-art sample stages – including non-ambient sample stages – are needed too. The BTS 150/500 Benchtop Heating Stages are the first commercial, non-ambient stages for XRD studies on benchtop diffractometers. Their unique design provides all the features a benchtop diffraction application requires: compactness, reliability and ease of use. The BTS 150/500 stages allow studies under low to medium temperatures for the investigation of in-situ phase properties, and structure determination of organic and inorganic samples.
In this webinar, we will introduce you to dedicated, non-ambient XRD stages (BTS 150 / 500) for benchtop diffractometers, and we'll include information about the control software for Anton Paar's non-ambient XRD stages.

Webinar content:

  • Basics and principles of non-ambient XRD
  • A typical non-ambient XRD setup for benchtop diffractometers
  • The control software for non-ambient XRD stages from Anton Paar
  • Application examples

Target group:

  • Beginners to experts in non-ambient X-ray diffraction
  • Anyone performing non-ambient XRD experiments on benchtop diffractometers
  • Anyone interested in technical solutions for non-ambient studies
Mag. Dr. Barbara Puhr (English)
Barbara Puhr

Dr. Barbara Puhr obtained her PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Graz, with a focus in petrology and geochemistry. Following a post-doctoral fellowship and some years of experience in X-ray diffraction in an industrial R&D facility, she joined Anton Paar in July 2014 and currently works as the product manager for Non-Ambient X-ray attachments.


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