New Challenges in Non-Ambient XRD: New Solutions from Anton Paar

The investigation of powder or bulk materials under non-ambient conditions is an indispensable technique to obtain full information about the properties of materials. With the current portfolio of non-ambient XRD attachments on the market, a wide range of parameters and experimental requirements can be covered. However, new challenges are creating demand for new hardware solutions in non-ambient XRD.
With the TTK 600 Low-Temperature Chamber we can offer smart innovations for battery research. For non-ambient XRD measurements of raw battery materials – which are often air- and moisture-sensitive – an antechamber lid allows you to load samples in a glove box and transport them in a sealed environment to the TTK 600, which is already mounted on the diffractometer. Additionally, using a special battery sample holder (for reflection or transmission geometry), you can perform operando measurements of coin cells at varying temperatures (between -180 °C and +130 °C).
With the unique combined non-ambient XRD-Raman Chamber, researchers are now able to study different sample materials under non-ambient conditions with two different methods simultaneously. Furthermore, the dedicated Autoclave Chamber allows you to perform in-situ monitoring of hydrothermal reactions at temperatures up to 210 °C and 20 bar pressure abs.

In this presentation, we will cover:

  • the latest developments and customized solutions from Anton Paar
  • their feasibility for solving new experimental demands
  • application examples

Target group:

  • Anyone performing non-ambient XRD experiments
  • Anyone interested in Anton Paar’s potential to develop customized solutions for specific experiments
Mag. Dr. Barbara Puhr (English)
Mag. Dr. Barbara Puhr (English)
Barbara Puhr

Dr. Barbara Puhr obtained her PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Graz, with a focus in petrology and geochemistry. Following a post-doctoral fellowship and some years of experience in X-ray diffraction in an industrial R&D facility, she joined Anton Paar in July 2014 and currently works as the product manager for Non-Ambient X-ray attachments.


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