Concentration measurement of sulfuric acid in lead-acid batteries

Are you interested in making your lead-acid battery manufacturing more efficient?
Are you interested in extending your battery life with minimum maintenance effort?

Find out how you can benefit from using the newest density meter technology in your maintenance activities – such as the determination of the charge status – and improve your battery acid production. A specialized instrument portfolio of density provides in-depth information about your sample.

Compared to traditional methods like hydrometers, Anton Paar’s instruments are fast and require only low sample volume. They are the ideal solution for high precision in the laboratory and have high chemical resistance for operation in harsh environments.

Dr. Barbara Klug-Santner (English)
Barbara Klug-Santner

Barbara Klug-Santner obtained her PhD at the Institute for Environmental Biotechnology at the Technical University of Graz. She has been working at Anton Paar since 2006. In the last 13 years she has become an expert in density measurement and is currently working as a product manager for the portable density meters, the small benchtop density meters, and the Millikelvin thermometers.


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