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Disposable glass vials for vessels with SmartVent technology

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Disposable glass vials for HVT and SVT vessels: convenience reimagined, for microwave digestion systems. Vessel cleaning can be a time-consuming task, especially when high throughput is a requirement. Using disposable borosilicate glass inserts saves time and money.

Prepare the second set while running the first. With disposable glass inserts you can protect the PTFE-TFM vials and easily avoid carry-overs from one sample to the next.

Key features

Spend less time on cleaning

Spend less time on cleaning

Sample preparation often takes up more than 60 % of the time from sampling to the analysis result. Vessel cleaning is a time-consuming, efficiency-draining task, especially at high-throughput facilities. To further optimize your sample preparation workflow, we now offer disposable borosilicate glass inserts for all existing HVT and SVT vessels used in our Multiwave 5000 and Multiwave GO Plus systems. These inserts require zero cleaning: Just discard themafter the run and save precious work time.

Sample preparation with Multiwave devices made easier

Sample preparation with Multiwave devices made easier

Available for Multiwave 5000 and Multiwave GO Plus for all vessels with SmartVent technology (HVT and SVT) and all sizes (HVT50, HVT56, HVT80, and SVT50). Digest up to 41 samples in a single run. Just weigh in the samples directly in the insert. No additional chemicals are needed, simply introduce diluted acid in between the liner and the insert. No additional consumables (plugs or seals) are required either. Use the glass insert and dispose of it after the run.

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