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Cone-plate measuring system with integrated Peltier temperature device:
PTD 100 Cone-Plate

  • For small sample volumes from 0.5 mL to 2 mL
  • Upgrades ViscoQC 100 and 300 to a cone-plate viscometer
  • Two in one: Cone-plate and Peltier temperature device combined
  • Automated gap setting process
  • Magnetic coupling, Toolmaster™ feature, and temperature probe as standard

Premium configuration for cone-plate measurement with error-eliminating, time-saving features: PTD 100 Cone-Plate is an accessory for ViscoQC 100 and 300 that transforms your standard rotational viscometer into a cone-plate viscometer to determine the absolute viscosity of fluids with small sample volumes down to 0.5 mL. The built-in Peltier temperature device offers a wide, precise temperature range from 0 °C to 100 °C and is fully controlled via the ViscoQC display. Magnetic coupling, in combination with the unique ToolmasterTM feature, saves operators up to 25 seconds per measurement and eliminates errors. And the fully automated gap setting is unique for instruments in this price class.

Key features

Upgrade to a cone-plate viscometer anytime

Upgrade to a cone-plate viscometer anytime

  • Upgrade your ViscoQC 100/300 with Anton Paar’s PTD 100 Cone-Plate accessory anytime, anywhere, in less than a minute
  • Use your existing ViscoQC and upgrade with the PTD 100 Cone-Plate accessory when a cone-plate setup is required; easily remove the accessory when a measurement with typical L/RH spindles is required
  • Expand ViscoQC’s testing capabilities with minimal investment. Save costs with ViscoQC’s cone-plate accessory, as no extra viscometer is required
Full traceability

Full traceability

  • Fully automated electronic gap setting eliminates manual handling and frees up operator, while Continuous monitoring of the correctly set gap prevents inaccurate measurements
  • Spindles (made of stainless steel AISI 316L) with magnetic coupling and ToolmasterTM as standard save you up to 25 seconds per measurement and eliminate operator errors since spindles are automatically detected by Toolmaster™
  • Perfect alignment of the PTD 100 Cone-Plate via built-in digital leveling of ViscoQC. Continuous monitoring of the alignment status: no more faulty measurements
Full Peltier temperature control

Full Peltier temperature control

  • Small footprint: no additional space on your lab bench
  • No bath and thermostat fluid required: less maintenance
  • Embedded temperature probe (Pt100) reliably monitors sample temperature, improves repeatability, and thereby saves costs
  • Conveniently control both temperature and test via the ViscoQC user interface
  • What you set is what you get: No need for artificial temperature inflation to compensate for temperature loss from recirculation thermostat to sample
  • Sensor-ready signals when sample has reached set temperature

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
  ViscoQC 100 ViscoQC 300
Torque model L R H L R H
Viscosity measurement Single-point Multi-point
Speed [rpm] 0.1 rpm to 200 rpm 0.01 rpm to 250 rpm
Accuracy ±1.0 % of full-scale range
Repeatability ±0.2 %
Temperature range [°C] 0 °C to 100 °C
Measuring systems Cone-Plate: CP40, CP41, CP42, CP51, CP52
Spindle Volume [mL] Shear ratea [s-1] Viscosity range [mPa.s or cP]
CP40 0.5 mL 7.50 * N 0.2 to 3 K 1.6 to 33.1 K 13.2 to 264.8 K 0.1 to 31 K 1.3 to 331 K 10.6 to 2.6 M
CP41 2.0 mL 2.00 * N 0.6 to 11.6 K 6.2 to 123.9 K 50 to 991.1 K 0.5 to 116.1 K 5 to 1.2 M 40 to 9.9 M
CP42 1.0 mL 3.84 * N 0.3 to 6 K 3.2 to 64.7 K 26 to 517.6 K 0.2 to 60.6 K 2.6 to 647 K 21 to 5.1 M
CP51 0.5 mL 3.84 * N 2.4 to 48.5 K 26 to 517.7 K 207 to 4.1 M 1.9 to 485.2 K 21 to 5.1 M 166 to 41.4 M
CP52 0.5 mL 2.00 * N 4.6 to 92.8 K 50 to 991.1 K 396 to 7.9 M 3.7 to 928.9 K 40 to 9.9 M 317 to 79.2 M

a Example shear rate calculation for CP40: 7.50 x 10 rpm = 75.0 s-1
K = thousand, M = million, N = rpm


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