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Accessory for HVT rotors:

Accessory for HVT rotors: 24EVAP 

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The 24EVAP accessory is a great tool for all HVT rotors of Multiwave 5000.

Use 24EVAP right before the digestion to evaporate acids or water, or after the digestion to remove acids interfering with analytical measuring methods or silicates with hydrofluoric acid.

24EVAP greatly simplifies and accelerates the pre- and post-digestion handling for the microwave-assisted evaporation of acids and concentration of aqueous sample solutions in up to 24 vessels simultaneously. Acid vapors are safely exhausted to an external scrubber, neutralized, and thus easily removed using the 24EVAP accessory.

Key features

Forget about sample transfer and cross-contamination

Forget about sample transfer and cross-contamination

The clever design of the 24EVAP accessory makes sample transfer unnecessary and minimizes cross-contamination. The evaporation with 24EVAP is performed directly in the digestion vessels, which are connected to individual gas outlet connections. Prior to digestion you can use 24EVAP to reduce the volume of aqueous solutions (e.g. beverages, wastewater) in order to increase analyte concentrations and improve digestion efficiency.

After the microwave digestion, acids can be removed directly from reaction vessels under controlled clean-room conditions as it may be necessary to reduce the acidic strength of the resulting solution. If complexation with boric acid is not feasible, hydrofluoric acid can be easily removed using the 24EVAP accessory. 

Endpoint determination for automatic process stop

Endpoint determination for automatic process stop

The evaporation process is controlled by the IR temperature sensor of Multiwave 5000, allowing you to adjust the required residual volume by the IR temperature limit and definition of an observable temperature deviation (ΔT). When either the set IR limit or the defined ΔT is reached 24EVAP stops the evaporation process and the vessels are automatically cooled down. The software-guided endpoint determination prevents the vessels drying out without using internal probes that might contaminate your samples.

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