Market launch of TAG X00

2023-12-11 | Corporate

With the new TAG X00 series, Anton Paar now offers two new flash point testers. “Compared to the Pensky-Martens method, TAG X00 is ideal for low flash point temperatures, for example for solvents, aviation fuels, chemicals and cosmetics. With the new TAG series, flash point measurements are possible in a temperature range from -30 °C to 130 °C. In comparison, the Pensky-Martens flash point tests measure flash points between 40 °C and 410 °C,” explains Product Manager Dr. Kenji Yamamoto. “Typical Pensky-Martens flash point tests are performed for diesel, biodiesel, lubricating oils, bitumen or other flammable liquids such as edible oils or chemicals.”

Why ‘TAG’?
The new series of flash point testers is named after Charles J. Tagliabue. The measuring method can be traced back to him and his father. Originally from Italy, Giuseppe Tagliabue came to New York in the middle of the 19th century and developed special measuring instruments, particularly for the coal and oil industry. In addition to thermometers, pyrometers and hydrometers, he also turned his attention to flash point testing. His son Charles J. Tagliabue continued this work and in 1918 patented the ‘Closed Oil Tester’, whose advanced measuring method is used in the new TAG series.